A nodecg-io bundle to add a twitch phone where viewers can call the streamer with channel point redemtions.
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Twitch Phone Bundle


  1. Clone this bundle into nodecg-io and add it. (Not going to create a tutorial for this here.)
  2. Then, create a config in nodecg/cfg/twitch-phone.json with the following content:
    "rewardTitle": "<Your reward name here>"
  1. When booting into nodecg-io, setup all dependencies (twitch-pubsub, gametts, opentts) and you're ready to go. Note that you do not need both tts services, as this bundle checks what services are set up when someone calls you.
  2. Upload all your sounds! For that, go to Assets and upload files in both the "Ringtones" and "Busytones" categories.
  3. When you're finished, you just need to use the graphic. Just go to Graphics, search for "PHONE.HTML" and copy the url (or open it in a new window / tab).

Control your phone

To accept or decline calls, you need to send GET requests to the following urls:

URL Action
http://<your-ip>/twitch-phone/control/accept-call Accept the call
http://<your-ip>/twitch-phone/control/decline-call Decline the call
http://<your-ip>/twitch-phone/control/reroll-ring Reroll the ringtone

Special behaviour

The decline call button has some special behaviours.

Situation Action
While the tts is still loading Skip call completely, without the beep beep beep.
While the tts is playing Stop the call, play beep beep beep.
While the beep beep beep is playing Skip the beep beep beep and jump to the next call.

Also while playing the beep beep beep, you can go back to playing the tts.

Stream Deck Icons

I've created icons for the stream deck interaction buttons.

Action Icon SVG
Accept the call A green telephone icon on blue background. accept.svg
Decline the call A red decline call icon on blue background. decline.svg
Reroll the ringtone A yellow repeat icon, with an orange ringing icon inside, on blue background. reroll.svg

Debug Mode

This bundle has a debug mode in the graphic, to watch the 3 players and the internal variables. Helpful for development.

Screenshot of the debug mode

You can get into this debug mode by adding a ?debug to the graphics url!


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.